Ritournelle of apples and sweet potatoes

A pie with sun colors, poetic, and tenderly fruity.

Ingredients for 8 persons :
300g of flours
190g of butter
60g of icing sugar
2 eggs yolk
4 apples
120g of sugar
1 bag of mash

Prepare the crust pastry with 300g of flour, 190g of butter, 60g of icing sugar ; 2 eggs yolk and a pinch of salt. Let the ball of pastry sit 1 hour in the fridge.
During this time, cut the potatoes in quarter and put them in a saucepan with 120g of sugar. When the apples are cooked, add the mashed sweet potato (which was previously de-frozen for 3 minutes in the microwave). Mix the meal.
Coat your mould and put in the oven which was preheat at 200°C for 40min.

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