The peaches nest

White sweet potato, can sugar, peaches : a dessert which has personnality

Ingredients for 3 persons :
1 bag of white mashed sweet potato
60g of can sugar
10cl of milk
3 peaches
cloves, ginger, pepper, nutmeg
1 trickle of honey

De-freeze the white mashed sweet potatoes in 3 minutes with the microwave.
Mix 1 bag of 312g of white mashed sweet potatoes with 60g of can sugar and 10cl of milk. Put in the oven for 10 minutes at 200°C.
Cut the 3 peaches in two. Grease a frying pan, dust with the mix of these following spices : cloves, ginger, pepper, nutmeg. Make the peaches roast for 5 minutes, don't forget to turn them around. At the end of the cooking, pour a trickle of honey.
Put the roasted peaches on the previous preparation with mashed sweet potatoes. Decorate with a little bit of juice which was in the fryingpan and serve it when it is hot.
If it's not the season for peaches, you can use peaches in syrrup.

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