Fruity duck en goguette with his twigs

A last minute meal that you have to do well ? Associate the duck, the white swigs and the apples. It is simple and refined.

Ingredients for 4 persons :
4 duck medallions (or other duck pieces)
8 canadian apples
2 bags of white sweet potatoes twigs
1 spoon of liquid honey

Duck medallion, duck magret, duck breast, at your choice, to cook in a frying pan. Pell and cut the apples in slices, put in the oven for 10minutes at 200°C. We have, in pure&simple, by ACE, a preference for the grey apple from the variety Canada. Put the frozen swigs in the fryer at 180°C. Add a trickle of honey on the duck If you want to. Present nicely in the plate.
You have a well-balanced meal.

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