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Presentation suggestion for pre-dinner. Very practical for pre-dinner, when we don't have a lot of time to prepare but when we still want to impress : sweet potatoes twigs.

Ingredients :
3 carotts, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes
1 bag of orange sweet potato twigs
1 bag of white sweet potato twigs
For the sauces :
2 greek yoghurts
Black pepper
Ketch- up

On a tray, where you've prepared your raw vegetables like your carrots cut in twigs, or your cauliflower heads, your cherry tomato... add each color of sweet potato twigs, white and orange.
The swigs will be ready to serve in 8 minutes in the oven (maximal power). Serve it when it is hot.
For the sauces, we advise you simple things : use a greek yoghurt, mix it with pepper and cumin. You will see, It goes well with the crisps and the raw carrots. An other suggestion : use a second greek yoghurt, add ketch-up (adapt the quantity to your taste). With guacamole as a third sauce, you will present a colored tray, quick to prepare : will your guests find out that it is sweet potato ?

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