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The secret of the recipe is in the art of the non-stopping mixing movement of the risotto for 30 minutes. Sometimes, cooking is a sport ! Courage, you can do It.

Ingredients :
2 or 3 white mashed sweet potatoes (deep frozen ; portion of 200g/ pers)
2 cloves garlic
1 onion
1 tablespoon of olive oil
40g of butter
400gr of round grain rice
1 bouillon cube of chicken
1 tablespoon of fresh cream
15g of parmesan

De-freeze the white mashed sweet potatoes in 3 minutes in the microwave.
In a saucepan, stew the 2 cloves garlic and the onion until they melt (for about 2 minutes) with a tablespoon of olive oil. All of them have to be finely minced. Add salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes.
Add 400gr of round grain rice and mix It while It is cooking.
Pour a laddle of bouillon and mix until the bouillon is totally wrapped.
Start again laddle after laddle until the rice is cooked (for about 30-25 min) 125 cl of bouillon is needed.
Away from the heat, add 1 tablespoon of fresh cream and 15g of grated parmesan in the risotto. Add salt and pepper depending on your taste.
It is melting, delicate, a greed To serve when It Is hot.

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