Holiday in Provence

It smells good, so good, close your eyes, there are cicadas ! The bigger travels are made by thinking, said someone. The simplicity of this meal takes us away for the time of a dinner.

Ingredients :
1 roast beef
200g/pers or 800g of orange mashed sweet potatoes
French beans (green beans)

Advice for the roast beef: take it out of the fridge 1h before the cooking.
Plan 30min of cooking per kg of roast beef to obtain the three coulors : cooked meat on the top, pink meat and almost red meat in the heart of the roast beef.
Then, almost everything is about your taste. For those who prefer when It is well cooked : add 7 minutes to the cooking time.
The orange mashed sweet potatoes : 3 minutes of cooking in the microwave, dust with thyme crumbs.
The french beans : during the cooking, add garlic.
You will obtain well-balanced plate, where flavours can be pleasantly mixed.

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