Heart leaved plantain, the vegetable banana, friend of our fishes and our meats

Plantain Banana 100% natural
Format 312g – deep frozen – no allergen – no gluten – ready tp use

Energy value for 100g : 110Kcal
Due to a high level of complex carbohydrate (starch) and a high level of fibres (3g for 100g), this energy is progressively released.

Its glucose rate is poor which maintains a well-balanced gastro-intestinal system.
Sweet plantain contains what we call resistant starch, which provokes a weight loss for people suffering from obesity. For the diabetics, this property helps the cells to better absorb the insulin.

Plantain banana is a starchy food. That's why It goes so well with meats and fishes. It is also delicious when It is cooked for dessert. Its taste perfumes the room and its color wakes up your plate. Kids and grown-ups love it !

Heart leaved plantain cooking :
Heart leaved plantain steam precooked, only necessitates 3 minutes of cooking in the microwave (maximal power). Plantain banana is only eaten when it is cooked.

You can also decide to mix it to put in a soup, or to simply add, in small slices on nature rice. You will obtain a particularly energising meal, useful to sportsman and for the long days...

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