pure&simple, by ACE : the desire to give meaning at every level

Meaning, for us, in the company:

Being happy in your job depends on the meaning we accord to it and the meaning that the organisation gives to It.

Here are the ingredients for our company:
We work in « emergence ». It means that our vocation is to be reactive on the lookout of potential developpements, in mode « innovative ».

Open mindeness through brainstormings allow us to consider new ideas beyond their first aspect.
Then, It is in mode project that we treat the files, with a delegation to the only person concerned who will listen to the rest of the team (every job mixed) and bring his point of view. The responsible stay the only decision maker of his project.

An organisation scheme:
The organisation scheme in « hierarchical pyramid » leave place to a logic in « constellation », in perpetual movement; a person being the project chief at the moment can be someone who intervenes in a team of another project.

This social thought naturally leads to a responsible functioning, activated by the lever of leadership which aims at motivating the good functioning. For the rest, everything is about interpersonal respect.

In short, the social culture is organized around collective intelligence. Success comes up, developps , lives and gets enjoyed in group.
All these cook a good meal!

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