A childhood memory, to relive, today, differently

The exotic food merchant
In the 70s, in the neighborhood called Les halles in Orléans, there was an exotic food merchant. In my childhood memory the man who handle this shop knew as well the products as their names, their origins and the food preferences of his customers.
His shop was a meeting place for those who, like my parents, belonged to the West Indian diaspora.
For us, the kids, buying his products was the guarantee of a new type of meal. A meal that would allow us to dream about our home country which was so far and so mysterious. For my parents, these foodstuff provided them, for a meal, the pleasure and nostalgia of these savours of their sunny childhood.
Today, the shop has disappeared. The fresh exotic products are in the supermarkets. My parents don't buy exotic products overthere, because « It's not quality ».

Rediscover these products today
These fruits, vegetables, root vegetables which used to feed my memory, I tried to make them relive, today, for the great majority. I have studied them to use them easily. An industrial partner in Honduras, Micfood, studied the possibility to realise my project which confirmed the way of his research and developement on which he already got involved for other countries. In 2012, yucca twigs, heart leaved plantain and orange and mashed sweet potatoes are adopted.

In 2013, It is the consecration for the yucca swigs Pure&Simple, by Ace which wins the big price for the Intermarché innovation.

And now, what is the rest of the story?
Three centuries later, after another famous tuber, yucca swigs and its colleagues stride across Europe. I ignore what is going to happen. I simply confirm that nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is modified.

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