Products questions

What are the differences between potato and sweet potatoe ?
These 2 tubers are not from the same family. potato belongs to the Solanaceaes plants , sweet potato belongs to the Convolvulaceae plants. They are not even cousin !
Their nutritional qualities are also different.

Concerning plantain banana, how are they precooked ?
Our plantain banana is steamed precooked. It doesn't contian other ingredients. It is 100% natural, just like all our fruits and vegetables.

What differences do you make between a purée and a mash of sweet potatoes ?
A purée is blent. In the mash you can find little « pieces » of sweet potatoes, so It has a very rustic aspect.

What are the ingredients added in mashed sweet potatoes ?
We add vegetable margarine and a little bit of salt.

These are ethnic products ? I fear that I don't know how to cook them ?
These are products with a daily consumption vocation. They are ready to use. No previous preparation is needed. Even if you don't know these products, you can consume them very easily. In a few minutes, in the microwave or in the fryer, they are ready. They are sold deep frozen in supermarkets.

When does swigs of sweet potatoes arrive ?
The recipe is in the process of being drawn up. We are on a good way, we plan its arrival for the last trimester of 2014.

Chillean Carica, when can we find It ?
For the moment, because of the rearety of this kind of papaya, you will only find it in a few restaurants. In function of the future harvests, we can propose more, in more places.

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