Company questions, ethic choices and orientations

Why don't your products have the logo « bio » on your products ?
The logo bio is a european logo. Our products are coming from Honduras, they can't present this logo. An american seal of approval is the object of an actual study in our suppliers, in Honduras and in Chile. This set up is a cost which is not slight, and which can't be handled, for the moment, by local productors.
Though, the earth work, the products fabrication respect the norms and the description that you will find in the category « Safe products » of our website.

Who is Ace International Foods ?
It is a french company which developped the brand pure&simple, by ACE.

For the moment, you only propose exotic foodstuffs, do you plan to sell food from other places ?
Why not, one day. For the moment, Latina America is a real natural richness and we want to keep working with this part of the world.

Why did you choose vegetables from Honduras and Chile ?
A combinaison of many factors brought us to select these countries.
Firstly, South America has very interesting climate properties for the vegetables richness. The hondurian climate allows different harvests every year. The Limari valley in Chile knows large thermal variations between day and night which can go until more than 20°C ; It forces the plants to defend itself while developping antioxidant qualities higher than the average for example.
It is also the meeting with productors and manufacturers doing in the same state of mind as pure&simple, by ace.

How do you know that children don't work in your partners companies ?
We often go to Honduras, our partners have a «contemporary» spirit opposing a shameless profit quest or using slavery. Moreover, regularly some controls are made by organizations which are not linked to the country just like Cook&Thurber. The employees' salary permit them to send their child to school, participating to the increase of the level of knowledge, or to the family's life conditions.

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