Yucca twigs, a taste between sweet chestnut and potatoes

Ingredients, energy values of yucca twigs
Cassava 100% natural, salt
Format 312g – deep frozen – no allergen – no gluten – ready to use
Only the cassava tuber is part of the yucca swigs preparation.

Energy value for 100g : 100 Kcal
Energising nutrient, very poor in lipids (grease) and in proteins.
It is to consumme with proteins like a white meat for example. It's capacity to satisfy you quickly make it a good nutrient for diets. It quickly makes disappear hunger.
100g of yucca swigs brings you 10% of the RDA in iron, a very important trace element for us.
For women, the RDA in iron is about 14mg (to adapts in function of the physical activity and the woman's period). It is about 10mg for men.

100g of yucca swigs provide more than 20% of the RDA in magnesium.
The RDA in magnesium is about 300mg.
Pure&Simple, by ACE recommends you a portion of 125g of yucca swigs for a meal, in other words about 4 crisps which brings 75mg of magnesium.

Yucca swigs cooking
Before being deep frozen, the crisp has been precooked with water to gain time during the preparation. The aim of the cooking is to obtain an external golden crisp and an internal melting white.
The cooking is made in oil (in a wok If It's a small quantity) or in a fryer, for 3 or 4 minutes.
Advices for an easy cooking :
The oil temperature doesn't exceed 180°C. The crisps, still deep frozen, are Plunged by small quatities so the temprerature is not lowering.
The crisps will be cooked at the exterior of the crisp, and the oil won't infiltrate.

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